Prommitr Film Studio

Located at Surasi Military Camp, Tambon Lat Ya, Amphoe Mueang Kanchanaburi, in Western Thailand, this studio was the location of the great historic film “The Legend of King Naresuan”.  This epic trilogy of historical movies reflects the relationship between the Siamese Kingdom of Ayutthaya and the Hongsawadi Kingdoms, which are located in present-day Burma.  The events in the films lead up to the declaration of Ayutthaya’s independence from the Burmese, by King Naresuan the Great, in 1584.  Lavish and expensive, this production represents the pinnacle of Thai film-making.

Within the 700-acre compound of wild land, magnificent buildings were created through meticulous historical research.  Visitors can enjoy magnificent palace replicas and gleamingly gilded halls, pagodas, temples and ancient villages of both the Ayutthaya and Hongsawadi Kingdoms.  One of the highlights from past Ayutthaya is Sanphet Prasat Palace, which has been left as a ruin due to Ayutthaya’s 2nd loss to Burma when everything was totally razed and burnt; at present only the brick foundations of this palace can be seen. The Palace showcases the incomparable magnificence of the Ayutthaya Court.

Other interesting highlights are the Weapons Storage Room, Hongsawadi Wall, the Lion Throne, the Dungeon, the Portuguese Gun Exhibit, Ayutthaya Wall, and the Props Storage Room.  Visitors tired out by a long day of sightseeing may want to relax with a traditional Thai massage, which is available on-site.  Furthermore, visitors can also enjoy various activities such as dressing in traditional historic costumes (a unique souvenir photo opportunity!), as well as horse, elephant and cart riding.  The studio compound also includes souvenir shops.

A pair of huge Singha statues (mythical lions mixed with other creatures) welcomes visitors at the entrance to the compound.  A brochure and map, as well as a brief introductory lecture about the Studio are provided at the Information Centre where visitors pay the entrance fee.  There are also guide lecturers stationed at various spots, and plasma screens giving historical background and describing scenes from the Naresuan films.  The guided sightseeing walk takes approximately 2 hours.

Visiting Hours: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. every day. Ticket: 200 baht.

Getting There:
By car:
Prommitr Film Studio is about 24 kilometres away from Kanchanaburi Town. Take Route 3199 Kanchanaburi – Srinakarin Dam for 18 kilometres to Lat Ya Intersection.  From there, take the right turn and continue past Surasi Military Camp for another 3 kilometres till you reach the studio entrance.  Follow the signs for another 2 kilometres.

By public transportation:
Take a song thaew (a pickup truck with two rows of bench seats down the sides) from Kanchanaburi Town to Lat Ya Intersection. From this intersection, visitors will have to set an appointment with a driver and negotiate the price.

For more information
, contact Prommitr Film Studio Company, tel. 0 3453 2057 or 0 3453 2058, fax. 0 3453 2056.
Bangkok Office tel. 0 2736 2300

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