The Chao Pho Pratu Pha Shrine

is about 50 kilometres from town on the Lampang-Ngao road near Km. 650 marker. Stacks of offering can be seen around the site and the shrine is considered sacred. Road-users passing by usually honk their car horn or set of fire crackers as a sign of respect. Legend has it that Chao Pho Pratu Pha was a great warrior of the Lampang ruler. He once fought Burmese invaders to block their advance at Pratu Pha and died fighting with his two swords still in his hands and his body still leaning against the hillside. The attackers were so frightened that they withdrew. To honour the brave warrior, the people built the shrine which has since become a sacred and revered place of worship.

One thought on “The Chao Pho Pratu Pha Shrine

  • September 14, 2017 at 4:27 am

    I once spent almost a year at a Thai Army camp named for the pass, it was along that road and we often passed the shrine. The legend I heard was that the Thai prince died but a spear kept his body upright; he had a sword in each hand and his robes had large sleeves. One sleeve caught the wind common in the pass. This wind caused one arm to wave as if urging his army forward. The army charged and defeated the Burmese invaders which led to many years of peace in the area.


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