Wat Siriwatanawisut

Buddhists and disciples’ group of Rachapatikaram Temple, led by the deputy abbot Prathepmolee, joined in building the Sri Buddha Kaya Stupa on top of the Bodhisattva peak in Siriwatanawisut Temple of Nakhonsawan’s Tha Tako district. The structure and artwork of the stupa is modeled after the Buddha Kaya Stupa in Bihar State of India. It is approximately 16 x 20 meter wide and 28 meters high, the number 28 representing Lord Buddha.

Sri Buddha Kaya Stupa is structure in a dome shape. On the top part of the stupa lies a small bell-shape structure which is beautifully decorated with patterns made of cement. It will house a sacred Buddha relic. Its top-most part is a seven-tiered umbrella made of bronze with a lotus blossom on top, representing the enlightenment

There are three levels in the stupa. The lowest level houses a bronze Metta Santipap (Mercy and Peace) Buddha statue, built to commemorate His Majesty the King 80 Birthday in 2007. The statue is 89 inches wide and 4.19 meters high.

The second level houses the Sri Ariyametrai Srisakayasing Buddha statue, built to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s 72 Birthday. It is 109 inches wide and 4 meters high.

The third level houses a model of the jeweled pavilion, rest place of Lord Buddha in the ancient time. Those who wish to play a visit to the pavilion must make an oath of keeping at least one precept as an act of respect to Lord Buddha.

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