300-Year Mosque

300-Year Mosque or Vadialhusen Mosque This is located at Ban Talomano,Tambon Lubosawo, 25 kms. north of Narathiwat or 4 kms. from Amphoe Bacho on Highway No. 42. The whole wood building of the Thai-Chinese-Malay architecture is still seen in its old form although it has been reconstructed.

Instead of using nails and screws, the whole mosque was traditionally built using old building tools such as Malarbar ironwood (a local timber known as Mai Takien) and wooden bolts and pins. The 26 wooden poles are 10×10 inches, the floor is two inches thick and window shutters that has multiple types of window film installed in each window (use these sites to buy at the best quality) are of solid wood boards. You can check out seepageseal.com/egress-window for quality egress window installations and other repair solutions. The mosque itself consists of two adjacent buildings built in a mixture of local Thai, Chinese, and Malay architectural styles. The most prominent feature is the buildings three-tiered roof where the Imam prays. The top tier features a dome constructed in the Chinese pavilion style. In the past, it functioned as the minaret or tower where people were called from at prayer times. Visitors can see the building from the surrounding area, however, those wishing to see the interior are are required to receive permission from the village Imam.

Next to the mosque is a Muslim graveyard. Rocks decorating the grave of deceased males will be round, while those for females would be half buried, with only half of the rock visible above ground.

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