Ban Don Kai Dee

Ban Don Kai Dee in Krathum Baen District of Samut Sakhon Province where the famous Benjarong porcelain is made . The ceramics produced here are of the finest quality and are much sought after by collectors, universally admired for the beauty and grace of their unique form, design and colour.

The unique design benjarong of Ban Don Kai Dee is called Sakharabenjayamanee, or the Five-coloured Gemstones of Sakhon City. The design is based on the province’s historical background and the Thai symbolism of auspicious colours. Samut Sakhon, the home province of Benjarong manufacture, is a coastal fishing province and thus has always been associated with the sea. This is why the Benjarong ware of Samut Sakhon with the Sakharabenjayamanee design has the blue-green colour as its main background, to represent the sea, the soul of the city.

The people of Ban Don Kai Dee have formed themselves into a strong handicraft group and prepared their village to welcome visitors, not only to buy their products, but also to join in activities they have organised for them, such as demonstrations of the different processes in the making of Benjarong, tours of the village and visits to nearby orchards and to the coast, as well as to trying their hands and cooking local food.

For visitors who would love to prolong their stay in the village, standard home stay accommodation at very reasonable prices with food is also provided by many Ban Don Kai Dee families. Another important aspect that make Ban Don Kai Dee most suitable is the helpful and hospitalble nature of the village people.

To get to the village: Take Highway 35 (Thon Buri – Pak Tho) and turning left to Highway 3091. Ban Don Kai Dee is 2.2 kilometers from the clock tower.

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