Bencha Sutthi Khongkha

Bencha Sutthi Khongkha refers to the sacred water from 1 of the 5 important rivers that flows through Sao Hai District, which has been used in the Oath of Allegiance Ceremony from the reign of King Rama IV until the present time. When the king travelled by boat, he dropped by and took a bath at the Rat (Raja) Pier. The king was pleased with the cool, deep-running and calm water and had the water in this area taken to undergo an incantation ceremony at Wat Phra Phutthabat before being used in the coronation ceremony, as well as, other royal rites in the palace. The sacred water was taken from 5 rivers; namely, the Chao Phraya River (from Ang Thong), the Phetchaburi River (from Phetchaburi), the Ratchaburi River (from Samut Sakhon), the Bang Pakong River (from Nakhon Nayok) and the Pa Sak River (from Saraburi) and, therefore, originated the name of “Bencha Sutthi Khongkha” or “five pure rivers”.

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