Thanon Phrachao Songtham

Thanon Phrachao Songtham or Thanon Farang Song Klong is a road constructed during the reign of King Songtham when he came to examine the Buddha’s footprint by his royal barge travelling along the Pa Sak River. As the king arrived at the pier, he continued his trip by an elephant led by Phran Bun. On his way back, he ordered a foreigner to look through a telescope and had a 10-wa (20-metre) road cut as a royal path straight through to the pier.

At present, approximately 9 kilometres of the path remain to be seen, starting from the area opposite Wat Sang Sok. The first kilometre is a dirt path, which is no longer used and the rest is a laterite road passing behind Wat Panchaphirom, Wat Nong Khonthi, crossing Phra Phutthabat – Ban Mo Road in front of Wat Kanlayana Banphot, passing in front of Chaopho Khao Tok Shrine and Phra Tamnak Sa Yo before disappearing. It was transferred into a laterite and concrete road with a width of 6-8 metres.

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