Phu Toei National Park

The park acquires a total area of 198,422 rai (79,368.8 acres), covering Ong Phra Forest, Khao Phu Rakam Forest, and Khao Huai Phlu Forest of Amphoe Dan Chang, Suphan Buri Province as well as Tham Khao Wong Forest Park of Amphoe Ban Rai, Uthai Thani Province. The lush forest with a lot of flora and fauna is a major watershed of Suphan Buri and Kanchanaburi. The mountain range of Phu Toei is home of thousands of mountain pines and also the best viewing point. Attractions in the park can be divided into two groups, according to its units as follows:

Unit 1 (Phu Toei) The unit is located at Ban Pa Khi; Amphoe Dan Chang, on Highway 333, 18 kilometres before arriving at Phu Toei National Park. The unit comprises a camping ground and exhibition about the forest. Phu Toei National Park Headquarters (ที่ทำการอุทยานแห่งชาติพุเตย) The headquarters is located at Ban Huai Hin Dam, Tambon Wang Yao, Amphoe Dan Chang, 12 kilometres from Unit 1.

Lauda Shrine The shrine is located between Unit 1 and the headquarters. It was built to commemorate the 223 passengers of Lauda Air who died in the plane crash on 26 May 1991.

Mountain Pine The mountain pine forest grows up naturally on the mountain range of Phu Toei 12 kilometres from Unit 1. Four-wheel drive vehicles can only go for 10 kilometres and then trek to the rest. The trail cuts through picturesque viewpoints and pine hill. Camping can be done in the pine forest.

Giant Cycad tree . The big cycad trees grow on Phu Toei mountain, dotting around the pine mountain forest. At a height of 6-8 metres, each cycad tree is 200-300 years old.

Namtok Taphoen Khi The waterfall is 33 kilometres from the headquarters and 51 kilometres from Amphoe Dan Chang. The two-tier waterfall cascades all year round to nourish the forest and Karen village, which has settled there for over 200 years. Lush forests allow naturalists to enjoy ecotourism and adventure.

Taphoen Khi Karen Village Located nearby the waterfall, the drug-and-drink-free village is Buddhist. In the full moon period of the 5th lunar month, the village holds a large celebration for three days and three nights to worship Chulamani, the sacred place of worship made from sharpened bamboo at the village’s ground.

Unit 2 (Phu Krathing) The unit is located in Ban Wang Hora of Amphoe Dan Chang. Around the unit are:
Lam Taphoen Reservoir The large reservoir is next to the unit.

Namtok Phu Krathing The waterfall is 7 kilometres from the unit, quite near to the reservoir.

Travelling to and accommodation at the Phu Toei National Park.
The park is 80 kilometres away from Amphoe Dan Chang, or 160 kilometres from downtown Suphan Buri. Motorists can get there via Highway 333, pass Tham Khao Weruwan and Ban Pa Khi. Unit 1 (Phu Toei) is 3 kilometres from Ban Pa Khi. Then get through tough road conditions, so high efficient four-wheel drives are recommended.
The park’s office is 14 kilometres in the direction of Amphoe Ban Rai, Uthai Thani province. You can turn left through Ban Wang Khun and drive for another 14 kilometres, or about 50 kilometres from Amphoe Dan Chang.
The park provides a natural and environmental study centre and camping ground. For more information, call Unit 2 (Phu Krathing) at Tel. 0 3552 9215 or Khao Son Unit at Tel. 0 1934 2240.

Tham Nakhi, Tham Mi Noi, Tham Yoi Raya, and Tham Pha Yai These caves are only 2 kilometres away from the headquarters. Visitor can explore the caves with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Adventurers can enjoy trekking.

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