Wat Sangkat Rattanakhiri

at the foot of the Sakaekrang Hill at the end of Tha Chang Road, houses a large, Sukhothai-style, bronze Buddha statue in the Mara Vichaya posture, believed to have been installed at the temple since the reign of King Rama 1. Inside the head of the statue is enshrined a Holy Relic. The head part and the rest of the body are from different statues. It is believed that they were attached together during a restoration before being brought to Uthai Thani. The statue is called Phra Phutthamongkhon Saksit.

From the foot of the hill near the provincial sport stadium is a road leading up to the hilltop, a distance of 4 kilometres by car. Visitors can also walk up the steps from the temple compound. From the hilltop can be seen a panoramic view of the town. It is also where a replica of the Holy Footprint is installed. A statue of the father of Rama I is also located here. The view of the site is at its best during April when the local Suphanika flowers are in full bloom painting the entire hill a bright yellow.

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